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Quixote is an international collaboration heavily relying on web connectivity and voluntary work by motivated researchers. The main objective/vision of the Quixote project is to design, test and deploy a modular, open source system of tools that allow computational chemistry data (now sitting in the darkness of individual hard-disks) to be organized, shared, and queried. This is to be achieved by using lightweight interdependent applications, semantic analysis of the data and linkability.


See the [WWW]Overview for a more in-depth description. Check also the Quixote article at the Journal of Cheminformatics: [WWW]

To see the quixote architecture in operation, visit the Cambridge [WWW]Chempound server.

This wiki is used to gather, in a semi-permanent way, all data, technical issues, resources and technology that the project constantly generates. Everybody can contribute to it; help for doing so is found at [wikispot]Wiki Guide.

More active discussions should take place on the mailing list (which is also open, See [WWW]instructions for joining):

[WWW] (for general discussions)
[WWW] (for people actively involved in development of code)

Interactive discussions should use Skype or IRC and record the results in Etherpads like those found at Meetings' Etherpads.


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